Isabelle Around The World – Holi Festival in Pushkar, India


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Photographs taken in the town of Pushkar, in the Ajmer district, in the Indian state of Rajasthan.

The PhotoBook series “Isabelle Around The World” will specifically cater for the needs of tourists who want to head to a different kind of destination. Here, no town maps, no key buildings to visit or advices on places to stay. This unique series will actually offer a different way to discover amazing places around the world, packed with beautiful colour photographs and the stories behind them and what they represent.

With this new collection, readers discover countries and cities in a totally new way. The series is very different from anything one can find on the market. Far from the standard travel books, which focus on places to see, places to stay and other trip advices, it simply shows the passion of a travel photographer through their photographs. Readers can discover places and people through the eyes of Isabelle Blake who has travelled to various countries around the world. Her photographs are a worthy testimony of what real globetrotters experience and see when they travel.

Isabelle Blake was born in Dijon, in France’s region of Burgundy, in 1973. She moved to the UK in 1995 and currently works in Customer services for Eurostar International, in London. travelled twice to Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, Belarus, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Hong Kong, and even did the Trans-Siberian Railway. When she travels, Isabelle prefers one-to-one connections to understand people and experience the world around her, and discover different cultures. She first started compiling her travel photos on a global travel community website in 2005 and since had over 3.2 million people to see her pictures. Isabelle Blake is an inspiring travel photographer, because she follows her dreams.

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