Pushkar Ji: Timeless Masterpiece


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About the Book: Pushkar Ji: Timeless Masterpiece Possibly the best way to describe a journey to Pushkar is byimagining the emotions of a child on opening a storybook andventuring into a mystical land a land filled with a myriad ofcolours lining the horizon, with wonders that enthrall, and magicthat sets the soul on fire. As the sacred abode of Brahma, the Lord of Creation, Pushkarseems to have captured the very essence of the Hindu God, asnowhere is creation more evident than in this small town ofRajasthan, abuzz with LIFE. The roads leading to this pilgrimagesite are overflowing with a sea if people on their way to the fair,along with their families. Red, orange, yellow and other colours ofthe rainbow flow and ebb like waves, while the undulating forms ofhundreds of camels transport you into a bygone era. The festival isalive with the sounds and smells of humanity dance, music, camelraces, colourful stalls, the aroma of spices, and so much more. About Author: Raghu Rai Raghu Rai has beautifully represented Pushkar in this charmingpublication, as his exquisite photographs bring forth theuniqueness that is part of India through evocative scenes andmoments.

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