Why Did I Commit Suicide?: Numerology dealing with depression and suicide


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It is number 38 which leads to suicides. An ebook on numerology related with suicide cases.

Recently, I saw a writer’s work at amazon. More than that, her edited name at various book stores is alarming [adding suicide number 38]. Seems like done by a numerologist..

Off late, too many suicide deaths cases have emerged [all having a connection with with name spelling change and a numerologist]

Bollywood actress JIAH KHAN

Celebrity and Shashi tharoor’s wife Sunanda Pushkar’ forced suicide. And beyond that, even bollywood films have failed solely because their titles added to number 38.

The best examples being Khiladi 786, Heropanti.

All these strongly hint at error committed in spelling change in name, Or else the numerologist is manipulating name change to kill the person.

Read the whole details on suicide numerology carefully, save yourself and near ones from 38.

Simply alter the name spellings so that it no longer adds to 38. As simple as that!

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