Pushkar Fair India

Pushkar Fair India

Pushkar Fair IndiaPushkar is a religious town located just around 14 kilometres away from the famous religious city Ajmer. This festival held in the Hindu month Kartik Purnima ( a Full moon) that comes in October or November. This festival famous among foreigners as well as domestic travellers.

Pushkar has a lot of serene places with one ancient temple that dedicated to Lord Brahma. According to Indian mythology, Lord Brahma is a creator of the world. As a myth Lord Brahma was searching a perfect place to perform a Yagna. The lotus flower fell down from His hands, that particular place where it fell created a water body named Pushkar Lake.

This lake still has 52 bathing Ghats on its banks. All devotees take a holy dip in this lake and believe that wash their sin here. At the time of the festival you can enjoy the best part of the life ever. Pushkar Fair India is a world’s largest cattle fair that includes camels, sheep, cow, goat, horse etc.

This festival start at the time of cosy winters, you can feel freshness with the cool winds that comes from the south west. When the sun rays fall down on the golden sand dunes it reflects various colours. India Pushkar fair also provides you a great opportunity of camel safari that make your moment more enjoyable.

In this festival you can also the wonderful landscape on the back of a camel. Here you can feel the real touch of nature with camel safari. You can enjoy the pure immensity of the desert and mesmerize with the tinkling the small bells in the cattle’s neck.

The charm of this festival also includes the bridal competition, moustache competition, Mehandi competition, cultural programs done by local artists. You can also enjoy the complete trip to Rajasthan after visiting this fair.

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